Thursday, March 31, 2011

Multi-Use Container

This multi-use container is especially useful for holding bags. Use PVC snap clamps to attach the opening of a bag to the edges of the top square. This way, the container can be used as a trash container, a dirty clothes hamper or a pool-side towel hamper. Several similar containers can be used to sort recycling. This container can also be enclosed by gluing PVC sheeting to the outer surfaces.


  • 8 18 inch pipe pieces
  • 4 36 inch pipe pieces
  • 8 3 way corner connectors
  1. Lay four 18 inch pipe pieces into a square shape. Attach the corners with three way corner-connectors. The remaining opening of the connectors should all face upward.
  2. Repeat Step 1 to create an identical square.
  3. Connect the two squares by inserting a 36 inch pipe piece between the openings of the two squares.
  • Use four PVC snap clamps to hold a bag open along the edges of the upper square.
  • Use this as a trash bag, laundry hamper or pool-side towel hamper.

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